If you have either turned on your TV, radio, or checked out Facebook, Pinterest, or any other social media in the last few weeks, you noticed that there is a large amount of Valentine’s ideas and Valentine stories!

But what about the day before February 14th this year?

February 13th.

Did you know it’s

It’s the beginning of a special season in the Christian world. 


Tonight our family will attend church services and
 have ashes placed on our foreheads. 

This is a reminder of the the 
40 days our Lord spent in the wilderness and was tempted by Satan
It is a time to meditate on our Savior and prepare
for the celebration of Easter.

In the past I have “given up” something for Lent.  This year, time has gotten 
away from me or shall I say I didn’t focus on what I should have early enough.
 I have not chosen something to “give up”.  
The thought crossed my mind a few months ago to do something for
others daily instead.  I plan to get off here and meditate on it.  

I encourage you to attend an Ash Wednesday service somewhere. 
It is usually moving for me, not only for my own faith.
But as I watch my youngest child have ashes placed
upon her forehead, takes me somewhere that is hard to describe.
This act gives her father & I an opportunity to explain the story, 
which gives me peace.
Peace because I know she will grow up, knowing what her GOD did for her.
My hope is that this will bring her peace throughout her life.

Blessings to you,

2 thoughts on “Ashes

  1. I have a friend who, for years, instead of taking away something, adds something. One year, she donated something everyday of Lent, or at least equal to everyday. I remember that year she donate clothing, food to a food bank, volunteered her time, you name it. One year she decided to read the bible 40 minutes a day, and the list goes on, I like your idea.


  2. KH those are great ideas! I did come up with something to do, but these will be ones I will want to put on my list for yrs to come! Thanks for sharing and commenting! Always enjoy the comments!


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