A Mother’s Love

I really didn’t plan to write a post about love or Valentine’s day.  But since the posts usually come from experiences in my life, I was inspired to write one tonight last minute. I wrote an Ash Wednesday post where I stated we would be attending church services, well that didn’t occur.  Instead, I attended to my hurting 4 year old daughter, in an emergency room.
She was doing what any good daughter would do, she was outside helping Dad build the new playhouse, AKA play while dad built it!  She was hauling her boards into the playhouse, AKA her drums as she later told us the story!  She tripped and fell onto the “porch board”.  Splitting her chin as wide as long underneath.
I was minding my own business, sitting in my house, beginning to read this story.  I hear a blood curdling cry, and of course I did what any mother would do. High tailed it out to the back yard to see what happened!  Daddy was consoling and she came to the house, I picked her up, blood dripping, and set her on the kitchen counter for a better look. YEP! Let’s go to the ER!
She calmed down on the way there and I tried to explain about stitches and “glue” that they might use, while holding a Kleenex on her now injured body part.  She was chatting away, yet not moving her head, just holding it in the same position as when we left the house. I guess she thought it was going to hurt more if she moved it.  It looked like she had a stiff neck or something! I didn’t bother to ask because I was too busy explaining “what might happen”! I could say I was preparing her for what lies ahead for her own good, but mostly I was probably trying to make myself feel better. Do you see where this is going?
Isn’t that funny how we I do that, think that if I tell my kids all about it ahead of time, they will get it, and it will be easier for all of us!  I am sure I did it when Kassidy would jump out of the shopping cart and we’d make a trip or three to the ER, or when Tashley was in labor with our first grandchild.  
Why would I be any different now with my youngest daughter, right?
Pre-stitches- look at that bundle of joy!

Well they checked her out and explained to her what was going to happen.  I then proceeded to do the same thing, only in 4 year old terms.  I am grateful for the service we received and they took very good care of my little girl, but the person that stitched her up, was definitely talking over PV’s head!
Anyway, we had enough time between their examination and actual stitching up that I was able to talk about how the medicine would hurt like when she accidentally put her hand on the burner at home, and that when they are doing it, she could pray to God, or perhaps she could imagine dancing chocolate ice cream cones in her head. She giggled quite awhile on that last one!  During this time, she laughed, she was silly, and it was hard for me.
Because I KNEW what was coming.  I knew they would stick a needle in my daughter’s chin and it would REALLY hurt.  I knew that they would then take a fishhook like needle and put string through her chin.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to make the tears or pain go away.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold her in my arms or be able to take it away.
There will be many “experiences” in PV’s life that will be less than easy, and I know in my heart she must endure some, to become the person she is meant to be.  But as her mother, it’s really hard to sit back and watch any of my children endure pain, make mistakes, or take a walk on a path that is less than desirable. Now that I am raising my third child, it’s not easier, but I am a little more wiser.  I learned that those “lessons”, are needed to create a well rounded individual. I can’t “save ” them every time I want to.
1 sucker, 1 purple dog, 5 stitches, & a promise of McDonalds & ice cream!
This Valentine’s Day, I want to extend an extra special expression of love to my three daughters.  They have all brought me smiles, hugs, tears, pain, pride, and much more.  God placed them in my care for a reason, and I am fortunate he chose me to be their mother. 
 On this day, I can only hope they know how very much I love them.
Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Valentine’s Day my friends!

PS: I totally forgot, as a mother we do things for our children that we would NEVER EVER do for others if it means keeping them from hurting.

Yep – I made my debut of singing “Seek Ye First” and “This is the Day” while in the ER!  By the way, I can not carry a tune and only sing around people that live in my home.  Yep – Nurses Fran & Stacy were so lucky last evening! 

It calms my child, so I took the plunge of embarressment for her!
Boy does she owe me! 🙂 LOL

4 thoughts on “A Mother’s Love

  1. We love you too mom 🙂 and by the way…even though you couldn't help my pain while in labor, I wouldn't have wanted anyone else there to help me work through it on my own.


  2. So glad that she is alright. A trip to McDonald's make things better in this house too. Being a mom is not always easy, or fun, or glamorous, but it is the best job in the world! Keep up the good work momma!


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