Sorting Cattle!

It is time for the feeder cattle to be sold, so come this Saturday they will be leaving the farm. We spent last Sunday seperating out the two that we will retain for butchering for our families beef, and a few others that are too small to sell at this time.
I was lucky enough to watch three generations literally work cattle.
 Although PV is only 4.5 years old, 
she did help just as the 46 year old, and the 84 year old did.  
It brings me back to the original reason I began this blog,
 to document a legacy in the making. 
 Our family story, to enjoy for years to come.
I’d like to share a few shots from the day!

Three generations working the farm!
Moving the feed bunk to another pen for the ones we will keep!

Hand in Hand, Daddy & Daughter!
Showing alittle leg ladies!
One generation teaching another what this item is used for!
Working together as a team!

Letting our “little calf” out of her pen! 🙂
Milton picking our beef!

I just love this little gal!

I got these boots many years before Milton came along in my life.
Yep, that’s cow manure on them.
Yep, I’m happy.

2 thoughts on “Sorting Cattle!

  1. There's just something about multi-generational livestock working………heart warming, although I can remember a time when I was engaged to my Farmer and he was sorting hogs with his dad and grand-dad….. heartwarming, not so much, looking back, its a funny story. Great pics, thanks for sharing!


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