Family Valentine

Ever since the kids looked like this!

We have made it a tradition to take them out for dinner and movie for Valentine’s in the month of February.  When life changes, so does the tradition.  For example, when PV was born we had 20 years difference between our oldest child and our youngest child, they didn’t really have the same taste in movies! So we had to adjust how we did things.  We would all go to dinner, and then my lovely sister E. would usually offer to take her lovely little godchild home with her and spoil her for a few hours! Then came along our granddaughter and E. had another little bundle of joy to smother with some love for a few hours!

Well this year, we decided since we have kids in California (remember we are in Kansas folks),  and we wanted our oldest daughter’s boyfriend and children to come, we would have a fun day at our house!  

By request of TKS, I made fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, and rolls.  Dessert was Sugar Cookie Bars, which you can find the recipe to here!  I must say it was GOOD comfort food and cheaper than taking all these individuals out to a fancy restaurant and movie!

With current technology we were able to skype with the California kids and had a BLAST playing battle of the sexes board game!

I am SO glad I took the next photo!  
Between Tashley’s enormous smile, ES’s crumpled cowboy hat, 
and the big guys playing the fishing game with the little girls, 
it’s just AWESOME!

This one speaks for itself!

Family time is precious, and I am so glad we had the opportunity to be together!
February is a busy month for us with this activity and our upcoming dinner party (VVDDP)!
Throw Lent beginning and our normal family life, we might be happy to see March come! 

But I am very thankful my kids and their families came together on this day!
I pray you find some “love” in each one of your days!

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