Celebrating Friends with a Rolo Inspiration!


Are you one of those people that has them in abundance or perhaps a few close knit ones?

Either way, you’re friends, I am sure for various reasons, and if you are like me, when you get a text, email, facebook “like”, or an actual call or card in the mail from one of them, it warms your heart.

I ‘m just going to be honest here, I am lucky in the friend department.  I am blessed to all get out! I couldn’t be more pleased! In fact in the past few months I have gained a few new ones from church and due to this blog some gals I plan to meet later this year face to face that I already consider friends!

Friendships are built on a foundation of respect and kindness I do believe.  Wouldn’t you agree? Let’s travel back for a moment!

Remember back to the first time you met one of your precious friends?  Shut your eyes and recall the beginning of the friendship. Awwww…. nice huh? Or maybe not… maybe you have a funny memory/story! I’d love to hear it! 🙂 Feel free to share at the end!

One of my dearest and closest friends, (S) she thought I was a snob before she knew me.  We attended the same church, so saw one another weekly but didn’ really know one another. We have a mutual friend, and about the time that friend was moving away, she introduced S & I.  In S’s defense, back in those days, I didn’t smile much. I smile A WHOLE lot more now! 🙂   S. would do anything for me, I know it.  In fact she has.  My point is, never turn away someone, even if you don’t have a great first impression, it might just be one of the best things that entered your life. I’m pretty thankful for S & her choice to be my friend!

Let’s look at another one of my friendships.  L.  She was a co-worker of days gone by, and we are pretty opposite I would say.  One of the best things about our relationship – (other than she doesn’t judge me) – was the fact that we both love Rolos.  Yep, they were our saving grace on days at work that just called for alittle sweetness to be added to it!  Every time I eat a Rolo, I can’ t help but think of my Wild & Crazy friend L!  (Sixlets were pretty good too ! 🙂

My freshman year of high school, my family moved from a town with a population of 600, to a high school of 600! Yep, now you know why I didn’t smile much in my young adult life! 🙂 Just kidding!  I sat down in physical science class & lucky for me LG was there!  We became friends and have been friends for more than 20 years.  She knows alot about me, I am hoping if she ever gets interrogated, she holds tight to the inner strength that I know she has, and doesn’t release any of the goods on me! 🙂

Through church I have found three ladies I truly feel a connection with. I am not sure why it took so long to get here, but I am enjoying the “honeymoon” stage of becoming friends.  H, C, & J each are unique ladies and I find them all interesting.  Sometimes I feel like a giddy pre-teen when in their prescense, I try not to show it too much, I don’t want to think I am wierd! 🙂 Bible study has brought us together, and this I am thankful for!

Some of our friends are created within our family.  I have two sisters and although they are my blood, they are my friends as well.  Our relationships have grown to a place of goodness and I am lucky to call them both sisters and friends. Marrying my husband brought me sister – in- laws that I consider friends and am glad they are here, especially in the beginning of our marriage.  They have known my husband way longer than I, and are married to his brothers!!

There are friends that I don’t see much anymore, but I still feel they are a kindred spirit within my life. They touched my life, and aided me in becoming part of who I am today.

MB, she and her house were home away from home when I was growing up. MS- this  individual is the one when you see her after a year or two, you just can’t wait to receive her hug, it’s full of warmth & her faith is ever present. MT – she allowed me to share in celebrating youth and taught me to see God in those youth. She has a calmness about her that I tend to relish in when in her prescense. JM – She’s the one that can get you to talking about yourself and before you know it, 2 hours has passed! She is selfless and her son is going to marry my daughter some day, or so she says! 🙂

I can’t list all my friends and how I am thankful for them in this blog post, but just writing this post has brought an idea to mind.  How about we write down each of our dear friends, write out a few kind words for them or about them.  Send them a copy in the mail, you know USPS!  If you need a notecard and stamp, I’d be happy to send you one or ten! 🙂  Just shoot me an email!

I think getting mail is one of the most refreshing ways of connecting! How about you?

You now what!? I’m going to dare you all!  Once a week, my online friends, send at least one card, to a friend letting them know how very precious they are to you.  Come back & comment, let me know how it went!! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear!

You never know, you might end up finding Rolos in YOUR mailbox if you do it!!

Thanks for stopping by!

* PS – this post was inspired by my friend “L”.  She commented on my Facebook page and INSPIRED me! Thanks so much “L”!

After searching for pictures for this collage, I have decided….. beware my friends, I will be armed with a camera of some sort & getting more photos of us! I didn’t have any of some of you! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Celebrating Friends with a Rolo Inspiration!

  1. GAME ON!!!!!! I'm going to take your \”challange\” and RUN WITH IT!!!!! This is one of my favorite posts that you have posted!!!!! I'm not crafty like some people (Julie). So uncrafty people(Carla) will carefully and strategically picked out and purchase a special card for each and every friend I send one too.


  2. This gal is to blessed with wonderful friends, but mine are few, but oh so special and wonderful! Great post and a great challenge.


  3. Carla, I love your enthusiasm! Go girl Go! Thank you for your kind words too! I am sure you will choose great cards! I have been the recipient of said cards & it was pretty Awesome! Still sitting on my desk in fact! 🙂


  4. I have not told you how much I admire your growth & perservence over the last few years. I feel honored to have shared some of your milestones and to call you a friend. I miss those times, and wish I had co-workers/friends like you in Oklahoma. Thank you for the blog, it meant it a lot and was just what I needed today. Take care, love ya man!


  5. Laura, Aw…. I love ya man! 🙂 I got teary eyed just reading your comments. Thank you friend. I know how you love my emotional side! 🙂 And after the last couple days, I REALLY wish you were here in Kansas once again! Take care and I believe we both should head to the closest convenience store & get a roll of ROLOS! 🙂 love ya!


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