10 Dates in 2013 Summary

Now that Milton & I have a good start on our goal, I figured I’d create a post. I will just update here throughout the year!
Our first date was the weekend away that you can read about here!
I am considering the second date when we had our VVDDP!
Our third date occurred this past weekend! We headed on over to our local high school  to support the after prom committee. We had a nice dinner of salad, lasagna, and chocolate .  Then Christopher Carter, a hypnotist/mentalist performed. No I did not volunteer to be hypnotized. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind it at all, but I’m not doing it in front of a gym full of people from my local community! 🙂  We laughed a great deal and that is a wonderful thing within itself!  We spent the evening visiting with some friends from church as well, so it was a fun night all around!
Photography by PV!
I know it probably seems, wow three dates in one month! They must have alot of free time! No it just happened like that, I figure come April, Milton will be much more scarce! Farming season picks up and busy busy busy! So some of those dates could be at home dates, tractor dates, or tailgate dinners together! 🙂  
Stay tuned!
Thanks for stopping by!

4th date – April 2013

Ok I finally have another couple “dates” to post about!  I think in our relationship it goes in spurts, do any of you relate?  I was lucky this month because I have gotten two dates and it’s only April 21st! 🙂 The only reason we had time for the first one is because the ground was too wet to plant corn! We spent a day, which was our actual wedding anniversary together.  We headed to Wichita to do some shopping, I had this gathering the next day.  He tagged along and we were able to have lunch and spend time together.  Shopping is not Milton’s favorite thing to do, but there are things about it he enjoys.  For instance when we go to a food store or kitchen utensil store, as we both like to cook, these are things we can connect on.  We had a nice lunch at Ciaos as well.

There is one other store that brings me PURE delight. We stopped in there on this day.  I have never felt this way about any other type of store, it’s weird I know.  But when I walk into The Fresh Market, it brings a relaxation over me and I just enjoy being in the store.  Whether I buy anything or not, for instance on this day, we only bought croissants. When you walk in, there are beautiful flowers, lovely music playing, the produce department is immauclant, and it is just a lovely place to be.  They have a cheese department that my husband could stand and look at for hours, the meat department is like you would find in a large city I presume, and they have a dessert case…well..I won’t even go there!  If I had lots of money, and it was closer than an hour away I might shop there more often.  It’s just a clean, pretty, delightful experience for me.  Even if I only buy one thing, which is usually the case, as their prices are higher.  But I will say, the produce looks ALOT better than at our local department store or grocery store. They have not your common food items as well.  (This is not paid endorsement by the way, I just really like the store!:)


You can read all about date # 5 by clicking here! It’s a true celebration!

Date#6 – 5/28/13- The new Iron Man 3 has been out for a couple weeks now!  We love the Iron Man movies, I was anxious to go!  It finally worked out for us to take in a mid-day show!  We headed to Wichita, made a stop at Cabela’s (he had giftcards to use!) and then lunch at Cheddars, and to the Warren Theatre!  I recommend the Dijon mushroom chicken at Cheddars, MV had it and it was DELISH! I’m getting it next time!  Good movie, glad we went and then headed home to get our little girl.  Finished the date off with her with our first trip to the Sno Cone Shack!  YUM!  I’m a cherry gal, PV is a grape, and MV he picks something different every time! 🙂

July 2013 – Night time combine ride on the acres we own.  Stroll down the road under the stars enjoying the peace and quiet while waiting on the grain truck to return to the field.  Best memory ever!

November 2013
We spent the entire first Saturday together! I am thinking that should be called TWO dates!  Yes we are behind! With my new job we don’t see alot of each other and when we are together we usually spend it as a family!  But we got to spend the first Saturday at our first Kstate football game courtesy of our crop insurance company!  We also attended a friend’s birthday party that night.  So it was a nice time all around!

One thought on “10 Dates in 2013 Summary

  1. We are that way, our dates come in spurts! Last summer, we went to two concerts, in two different states, yes both at State Fairs, in one weeks time! We have NEVER done that! Gotta enjoy them when it works out like that. 🙂


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