Farmer Father In Law

My father in law is the person I wanted to celebrate today in agriculture, since it’s National Agriculture Week.  He is the person that taught my husband about farming, is by his side most days, and is a lovely soul with the wisdom of many years. He knows more than we could imagine, he can talk to anyone, and he works harder than most people half his age.

RV was born in the home that he still resides in with his wife of over 50 years, and in that house they raised 4 sons.  Each one of those sons (from what I can tell), took away a strong work ethic, and part of their father’s personality.  Which is a compliment in my books!

RV is a man that has a strong back, although his body frame may be of smaller nature.  I can’t imagine what he has seen in his 84 years young (in farming or otherwise) in this lifetime.  The issues, the joys, and the pride he must feel each morning waking and being able to do something he absolutely loves!  Farming is in his blood and I feel quite fortunate that I (and my daughter)are able to witness him in his element on a regular basis.

I find a lot of nostalgia in my heart when I see MV and RV working side by side.  Whether it is working cattle, harvesting wheat, fixing a piece of equipment, or sitting around a family dinner table.

I have only known RV about 11 years and I feel he is a honorable man that can walk tall for he has worked hard, lived a life of faith, and loves his family, especially his grandchildren dearly.  I love to hear his little laugh, when one of the younger ones says or does something!

Today I celebrate the Farmer that began it all for the most important Farmer in MY life, my husband.  I feel honored to call this man my father in law. I thank him for spending years building a legacy, so our family could carry it on, and hopefully generations to come.

God Bless this Farmer.

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