Educating at the Farm

Almost one year ago, we had the pleasure of hosting a few young visitors and their families (about 25) to our farm.  Once they finished a visit to a nearby farm with cattle, they headed our way.  We primarily covered our farm equipment, and then led them to the wheat field that sits basically in our backyard (at least that year, this year it will be corn)

It was interesting to watch the children and parents listen to Milton explain about the pieces of equipment.  Some of them didn’t have much knowledge of a farm and had never been that close to the large equipment.  

He is explaining about the planter.
RV joined right in at times too! He has lots of experience with farming!

Milton is explaining how the grain drill works!
Milton is explaining to the group how much seed
it takes to produce a wheat crop.
See in April, it’s green, come June/July it
hopefully golden yellow!

I am very proud of Milton, speaking in front of groups isn’t his favorite thing to do, but he did a great job!  And with practice it just gets easier! 

I can’t wait until the next group comes out, or our neighbor kids wanna ride in the combine or tractor is just as fun too! We love to give rides & Milton is great at explaining while actually working!

If you are in our area, feel free to email us at betweenthesunsets@gmail.com or contact us via our Facebook page, we would love to have more visitors!

Thanks for stopping by!

10 thoughts on “Educating at the Farm

  1. Our favorite field trip! Milton did an awesome job! Our girls rode in a combine for the first time with him last year and loved it! Thanks Farmer Friends!


  2. Come back anytime, and load those kids up in the combine this coming harvest. Or if they care for a bumpier ride, if they see the tractor going, wave him down! 🙂


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