Like A Stoplight

This song began to play one day this week on my way to work. I had never heard it before. The words did speak to me though and I felt compelled to ponder my thoughts as I drove the rest of the way to work.

 I literally found myself to be  fixated on the red stoplight and the words in the song.

I found myself unable to look away…. literally.

How many times have we lived like that?

Population Me.

Did you catch that in the song, if not go back & listen to it.  
Or you can read the words by clicking here.

I find myself doing that.
Living in my own world, at times turning a blind eye to what is right in front of me.
To what God is presenting to me in a manner that should be
easy for a person living the faith to see.

Due to human nature though, I turn away.

  I want to

be better

do better

 try harder.

To not live in a Population Me world.

I want to lend a hand to the person in need, make calls for the elderly that aren’t able to understand this new finagle world of Internet and automated voices when you call in to places, I want to help that child grow in the hobby they are just realizing brings them joy, and I want to pull a team together to donate time to spend a few days fixing a church member’s beloved home that they are unable to themselves,
volunteer at a soup kitchen and read to the elderly in nursing homes,
and go on a mission trip once again,
visit with teens about what it’s like to be a teen parent,
and the list goes on.

But I let fear and busyness keep me from doing just that.  
Fear is created when I do not allow myself to live to my full potential.
Fear is created within me when I listen to the doubting thoughts in my head.
Fear is created when I do not study the Word or
fellowship with the Body of Christ regularly.
Busyness I fill with blog posts, mindless TV shows, dinner dates with friends,
surfing the web, pinning things I may never complete, family activities, a job,
and just daily life.

Couldn’t I take the busyness, and add one of those activities I desire to do?

Like the stoplight. 
I find myself doing the following.

Maybe I should fixate on the Green!


When will I begin to put that faith in action?
When will I subside the fears and clear the busyness for things that would aide others?

When will my life become more than POPULATION ME.

I may need a team to help me create this, I may need a friend to push me,
and I may need my blog followers to hold me accountable.

What creates a light in you? What gets you to GO that next step?

Thanks for letting me express my thoughts and for stopping by!


* Music credit to Matthew West – “Own Little World”

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