Spring Time on the Farm!

Although on this Palm Sunday, the weather outside is more like this than the photo above, 
 it still means spring time activities on the farm are just around the corner.

View from my kitchen window, yes I cheated, I did not go out in it!

Springtime means that the wheat is waking up from a winter’s sleep and 
if you take a gander out your car window as you drive in the rural areas, 
you will probably see green crops, which look like grass coming alive.

Milton and his father will be starting to have fertilizer put on the wheat.
They will get their corn seed together and planting will begin in early April.  

I like this time of year, it brings a new start to things.
A fresh beginning of planting for the garden, our lawns look more alive, 
the evenings have more daylight, and the flowers and bushes come alive!
More energy seems to be in all aspects of living things!  

The countryside awakens as well.  
More countryside activity brings a renewed hope of another year of bountiful crops 
and growth in this thing we call the world.  
It feeds not only people at our table but around the world.  
Although we are a small piece of that hope, 
we are still a piece of a community that we are proud to belong to.

May the freshness of your Spring hold lots of 
good memories, bountiful blessings, and renewed faith in this life.

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