Emotional Sunday & a Gift

This past Sunday, I found myself feeling more emotional  than usual while at church.  During worship it was heightened when the children came in waving palm branches through the sanctuary while we sang. Allowing myself to feel and accept what God did for me and so many others, my emotions were slightly hard to contain.

Then I watched from afar as my young daughter at children’s moment,  make the sign of the cross. (insert a large *gulp here). Witnessing her look up at the Pastor as he told about Jesus. (I didn’t need a camera, that photo is now etched in my mind.)

My heart welled inside and tears were filling my eyes.  No one noticed.  No one knew.  Only God and I.  Perhaps they were tears for I know what lies ahead this week in regards to the story we will remember, or possibly the fact that I felt I had made a good choice as a parent to teach my child from birth about God. Which includes surrounding our family with people who feel the same way as us.  At this point, I am not 100% sure why the tears were there.

It’s Holy Week

In the children’s moment, Pastor asked the children, what would they do if Jesus were right here today.  It got me to thinking. (of course -I’m a thinker you know!)

Would I bow down, wave my hands in cheering, dance, hug Him, or sit at his feet humbly.  I’m going to ponder this one a little longer.  How about you, what would you do?

Back to my youngest daughter.  As a parent, it’s my responsibility to arm her with things she will need to live a life of gratitude, protection, and contentment, to name a few.  My job isn’t just to teach her how to fold the laundry, cook a dish, be healthy, and to respect others.  

It became crucially obvious to me today, that teaching her the Word is important so she can come into all those other things with the best ability possible.  

So today, as I witnessed her participate in an act that her father probably did in the same church so many years ago, and that she knows the sign of the cross, and that we are fortunate to have others to help us teach her, I feel we are on the right track.

I don’t know the Bible by heart, and I still don’t reflect all the Fruit of the Spirits like I should, but I think if I love my daughter enough, and I work at my own relationship and knowledge of God’s word.  I think I will be doing my best.

One of the things that continues to stay in the back of my mind and keeps me moving forward is the fact that I know how it feels to not be armed with the proper tools.  I want her to grow up with tools I had felt missing in a chunk of my life.  That is one of the reasons I continue to work at growing my own relationship with Christ. 

Even when I don’t understand what a particular bible verse or story means, or why someone in the bible did what they did. I will continue to ask questions, ponder my thoughts, read the bible, attend worship, bible study, and work on those Fruits of the Spirit.

Honestly, I will be learning from and learning with my young daughter in the years to come. My hope is that she will be filled with the “tools” she needs for both  the darker times AND the joyous times of life.

No matter what, she has been given a greater gift than I will ever be able to give her.

The gift that was given all those years ago from God….. the sacrifice of His Son for her sins. 

There’s no changing that. 


P.S. – HE did it for you too! Isn’t that awesome!

2 thoughts on “Emotional Sunday & a Gift

  1. Love this, you are correct, if reflected on in the proper context, even if we don't know where all of it came from, what a significant week for us all. Amen my friend, great read, as always! 🙂


  2. KH, THanks for commenting. I was nervous about sharing this particular post. But between a couple private message from people and your comment I feel much better. Thank you for being such a sweet gal! 🙂


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