Emptying Bins & Teaching Generations

At our farm, we have spent the winter hauling grain to the grain elevator.  
We have several bins that we store the harvested grain in.  
This allows us to watch the grain markets and decide when we want to sell  it. 

This week my father in law has been hauling wheat.  When they want to remove the grain from the grain bin, they use a couple augers to assist.  When the grain quits flowing by itself, you have to put a “sweep auger” in the bin to move the grain to the sump that is in the center of the bin.  Then the other augers pull the grain out and into the truck.

Milton is watching the sweep auger and grain emptying out of bin.

The sweep auger at work!
Semi Grain Truck and Auger
As always, Milton is teaching the next generation. Here he is explaining to PV to
never go near the auger.  That it is running and could harm her.
Checking out of the sweep auger and wheat!
My two cute farmers!

Before we know it, we will be filling these bins once again with wheat!
We usually have wheat harvest in Mid June and Early July.
Here is a picture of the way the wheat looks right now in April!
No that isn’t the grass in our yard, it really is our wheat field!

Currently at our farm, we are waiting for the fields to dry out.
Then we can begin corn planting!

The farms are waking up from a long winter’s rest, 
the countryside is starting to buzz! Spring is here!

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