From One Post To Another

I was reading through a blog I follow……

It led me here……

(Stick with me here and please come back!)

Which led me to Pinterest to start following them on there!

Then that led me to find this post here….. take a moment to read it, it will help to follow mine.

This post by Jeanette @ FenceRow to FenceRow felt like it was speaking to me!  That God had put the words in Jeanette’s mind and helped her type them to the world wide web JUST FOR ME to read!

This is exactly how I have been thinking and feeling for awhile now. Only in my mind, it’s not so clear. It’s pretty jumbled.
It’s not only about the stuff I buy but the way I have been feeling about sharing my faith story here, about ways to fit in volunteering, and how to deal with some particularly strong stress in my life. While all along, continuing to live a life of faith, be kind to others, pay the bills, and so on and so on.
I know, you are all saying, now Julie you always talk/write about turning it over to God.  Yea, it’s hard for me.  Ok, I’m going to be honest here, its REALLY hard for me. 

Here….  take a glance into the thoughts of my mind for a moment. The back & forth flow of it all!

Why can’t I feel comfortable writing my faith story here and not worry? When I write it, I feel it’s what I am to do, then I allow fear-filled thoughts to enter.
I have to share here what my husband tells me for the 100th time when I read him a post that is about my faith, “you’re witnessing aren’t you?  It’s who you are.” (Obviously he is cool with it and completely laid back! Love him for this!) 

Why can’t I send back that volunteer form, and take a few hours of time that I know will replenish my soul and give to others? Fear…just plain fear.

Why can’t I let go of a particular stress, that is sucking the life out of me and just accept the way things are?
Or take a risk and find a solution? Yep, you guessed it. Fear, and I’m afraid of making a mistake!
See… my mind is a dangerous place I’m telling ya!

I don’t do chaos well or last minute changes in my schedule.  They bring out the “monster” that usually lies sleeping within me. 
 Hum…. did I just stumble upon something?
 I think those two things might just be the answer to the 3 Why’s I listed above.     
Change.  I do not know what lies ahead.  That scares me.  How about you? You ever feel this way?

That trust in God part of my faith, I struggle with it as you can tell. I continue to want to control and take back what I have “given over to Him”. 

Maybe God sent me on that blog reading journey  to reach Jeanettes’s  post so  I wouldn’t feel so alone, so I would know that reading other people’s faith journeys and struggles are helpful, and that the other two things going on in my dangerous mind.  Well they too will come to pass and I can have faith that He will be with me always. 

He was there before I was born, He was there when I was hurt as a child,  He was there in all my joys and all my heartaches of this life.  

He still is.  I just need to remember that and I need to stay focused… on HIM.

I shall take on my “tasks” one at a time, and conquer my fears.  The form is being sent back today and whatever happens ————- well happens!  I’m not taking that one back!

For I, the Lord your God,hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, 
“Fear not, I am the one who helps you.” Isaiah 41:13

Thanks for allowing me to share my faith, feelings, and family with you.  Feel free to comment and share! 

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4 thoughts on “From One Post To Another

  1. Love the \”Unknown future to a known God\” quote!Baby steps my friend. Stuff like this doesn't happen overnight. He's working, maybe not as quickly as you would like, but in His time you will be able to say and do everything that needs to be said and done.Be still and know that He is God!


  2. First of all, let me start by saying I LOVE this post!!!! Next, can I say GUILTY too?!?!?! JUST this week I had an opportunity given to me on something I've always wanted to do….talked it over with Darryl and prayed about it….I ended up declining because it was too far out of my comfort zone. (MY FEAR took over!!!!) Anyway, truth be known, I would say all christians get a little side tracked now and then due to the fear of being uncomfortable. You said it perfectly at the end \”I shall take on my “tasks” one at a time, and conquer my fears.\” Thank you for your honesty…..YOU talked directly to me this morning!!!


  3. Carla,Thank you so much for your encouraging words and that you enjoyed the post. I'm glad it was a post you were able to relate to. I really enjoy your comments !Have a great day!Julie


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