Laces of Life – Loose or Tight?

The view from my windshield this morning was caught my attention.  It was a simple act and a daily routine kind of thing. I was so enamored by it though, I didn’t even pickup my smartphone to take a photo like I normally would have. 

The act was watching my 5 year old and her Dad sitting on our garage steps. My husband was putting his boots on and my daughter was tying her own tennis shoes.  I first, was amazed by the 5 year old tying her own shoes. It’s a fairly new task she has accomplished, nothing spectacular, yet it was to me today.  The other thing was what this “picture” represented.  

First let me touch on the representation.  If you have read the intro into my blog, you see that it says the abundant love of a father for his daughter” .  When I wrote that line, I was speaking of just this sort of thing. 
My thoughts led to the fact that in as little as five years time, this relationship between these two humans  is full of trust and love that is beyond measure. This little girl came into our lives and brought growth. Not only for me, but my husband as well. His heart grew with love and responsibility like I have never witnessed before. A protector, a leader, a true teacher in all things farming, building, seeds, birds, and hunting.  That is what he is to this little girl, yet so much more too.  

I’m sure there will come a time of hurt and doubt in this relationship but because there is a solid foundation built now, it will overcome the dips in those said valleys.  I am fortunate because I get a front seat to this show; I am blessed because of it. 

Now let’s visit about her tying her shoes.  When she ties her shoes, they aren’t nice and tight, they are usually loose and she hasn’t quite mastered double tying. But she does it on her own.  She doesn’t want help, and she usually chooses her “tie” shoes over the Velcro ones these days.  This tells me something about her character and personality.  It brings me a good feeling of pride.  

But then it led me to these thoughts. 

The shoe laces are like us, sometimes loose and unruly and feeling frazzled to the bone.  We can’t seem to get that tight, beautiful bow about ourselves.  We struggle with creating it.  Can you relate?

For me, I am usually trying to do just as my young daughter has, on my own.  And all the while, patiently waiting in the wings is my Father.  My Father, that although I am in the midst of a great struggle, could lessen the struggle, if I would just allow him to. 

Allow him in to give me calmness only he can provide,  or strength to endure another moment. To take those laces of life and gently weave them into that lovely bow. 

My relationship with the Father is sometimes loose, sometimes tight. This is due to my earthly choices I make daily. But I do know, he is always there, I am the one that lets it become unraveled.  I am the one that has to open my heart and allow HIM back in to tighten the laces of life between us. 

I need to be in his Word, gather with people that I connect with on this particular subject, I need to sing with the music, and I need to pray. What aides you in connecting with the Father?

Just as there is an abundant love between my daughter and husband, I too have a Father that has an abundant love for me.  It’s my Heavenly Father.

How’s your laces of life?  Currently loose or tight as a newly tied shoe?

Honestly, although these are lop-sided bows & loose, I think their beautiful
cause my 5 year old made them!

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