Music Monday

I like music.  Lots of different kinds of music.  I wanted to share these today.  It’s alittle journey into music of my life!

I grew up listening to this type of music, so when I hear it once again, it brings nostaligic feeling to me!

A little Johnny Cash my friends!

Although I still love country music to this day, my high school years were anything from this song to hard rock!

In my adult life I listen to anything from Kelly Clarkson to Big Daddy Weave to Todd Agnew to Zac Brown Band!

Let’s dance alittle folks!

Oh and this one….

 and this one

And finishing out with alittle Zac Brown as I’m pretty excited on the 20th my hubby & I get to celebrate our Anniversary by attending one of their concerts! 🙂 They have alot of songs I can dance to with my man! That’s one of things I love about them!

Can you recommend any songs for me to listen to?? I would love it!

Thanks for stopping by!

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