Boy(s) Meet Chirps – The Chirp Chronicles!

I have a friend that brought her three grandsons out to visit the farm, specifically the Chirps this weekend.  The three boys are the cutest little things, and we enjoyed having them all here! We hope they visit again!

There was time to play as well, to hear little kids giggling in my backyard was something quite delightful!  I have only had little girls in my life primarily, so having little boys around was entertaining & PV kept up with them pretty well I do believe! 🙂  She had her older cousin A. along too!

It’s funny because these two boys enjoyed not only the chirps but the two head of cattle we are still feeding! They would check out the chirps for a bit, then head across the way to the cattle pen!  These two head of cattle will be gone come late May, they are our beef for the next year.

I think this photo their grandma took is just the essence of childhood joy! I mean just look at that smile!

This photo makes me think of PV perhaps in the future speaking and teaching.  I don’t know why, perhaps a future FFA or 4H kid in the making????  I like the look on both the kid’s faces!

And like I said, there was time for play!  Swinging, going down the slide, hide & seek, and tag all around!  Life just is such a joy with little kids about! Hearing the laughter and smiling faces, and the silliness of them all!  

It was a delightful end to a busy week and I am thankful for friends!  Especially ones that visit the farm! Can’t wait for our next set of visitors & for these little guys to come by again!

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