Sunday Afternoons on the Farm

Sunday afternoon after church we had an enjoyable barbeque with some of our family.  
Then afterwards we headed out to check the wheat fields. 
Milton usually checks the fields periodically himself, but today PV and I got to tag along! 
Sometimes he takes his dirt bike, other times our Mule (utv), or the  farm pickup.  PV, if she has her choice will choose the Mule or Dad’s old red pickup!  Today she chose the pickup, I think it’s because she can sit in her booster seat, and there isn’t a back seat in it. She can be right next to dad & see out the windows.  She doesn’t mind the broken heater, the ticking noise, or anything else about it!  This is the pickup that Milton took me on our first date in and asked me to marry him in! 
So it’s full of sentimental things for us!
But you didn’t find your way to this post to hear about our memories, today you wanted to see about the wheat fields!  So here are some pictures with descriptions, I hope you enjoy them!

This is what the wheat looks like right now. 
It is green and comes up to about PV’s knees in most of our fields!

This photos brings so many thoughts to my mind.
Teacher, student, Father, daughter, Leader, follower.
I think they are both blessed!
Get down in there & find one to dissect! They are pulling a wheat stalk out to cut into.
Here’s the teaching part.  
Milton is cutting the stalk apart with his pocket knife to examine the inside.  
Hard working hands, holding food for the world.
This is the beginning stages of a head of wheat.
Milton feels that the recent freezes have not done much damage if any to the wheat at this point.  We checked three different fields.  He also checked an alfalfa field while we were out!
This Sunday my husband the farmer spent his day doing several things.  Worshiping the provider for all that we have, grilling lunch, playing with his daughter and grandaughter, making his wife smile many times, planting some herbs, and checking wheat fields.  All in the day of a good man.
We pray for a good wheat harvest come this summer, but for now all we can do is sit and wait.  
Thanks for stopping by!

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