Expressions Post Communion

This past Sunday we took communion at church, before making my way to the alter, 
I was pondering some thoughts in my mind.  
(Yes I was suppose to be singing the hymn, but I wasn’t, oops!)

Anyway, I had never really thought much about my own or 
other people’s expressions after taking communion.  
To each their own, and I’m not judging at all.  
I just thought it would be a good topic to write about to get one thinking 
and it made for an interesting discussion for my husband and I.

This Sunday, before going up to the alter, it crossed my mind, 
“why am I not smiling as I leave the alter?  
Why aren’t more people smiling?”

Perhaps they are like me at times and focusing on getting 
that small child back to the pew without a scene, 
or they prefer to take a more quiet solemn time to mediate thereafter.  
Maybe they are thinking of the sins that were just forgiven, a parent that is ailing, 
or of a friend that doesn’t know the love of Christ as we do. 
Those very feelings and thoughts have been in my mind, as I have walked back to my seat.

But this Sunday, it was different.

I felt this surge of feelings come over me as I proceeded to the alter.  
I was given the body and blood of Christ, forgiven of my sins, 
and I couldn’t help but smile.  Inside I wanted to rejoice, 
I felt so lucky, so fortunate to have this opportunity.  

Why wouldn’t I smile as I left the alter?

I did.

I did, in fact smile all the way to my seat
and even had a little giggle when I sat down.
 Not out of disrespect, but out of feeling so very loved.

Loved by the Father that can fullfill all my hopes and dreams, 
give me strength in times of trouble, 
and cares for my every need.  
The Father that forgives me and sent his Son to die for my sins. 
(and yours too by the way)

It was good.  It was very good.

How do you feel once you have received the body and blood of Christ?

As always, feel free to comment if you would like 
or if it inspires you that makes me happy too! 

Thank you for allowing me to share my
 faith, family, and feelings with you!


5 thoughts on “Expressions Post Communion

  1. LOVE this! Another friend from church and I talked some about this when Fuzzy was little and would jump down every step on our way back to our seat. Why wouldn't we be smiling and jumping up and down and maybe even shouting praises? (I know, crazy huh?)Good post Julie!


  2. I think you will often see Lindsey smiling on the way back from the altar. She learned in confirmation class and I often remind her that we are actully putting Christ in our bodies at communion. We can't get any closer to our Saviour than that. And knowing that I am recieving forgiveness for my sins makes me think I should have communion every day. I actually sin every day! That my daughter \”get it\” makes me smile. ( and her, too)


  3. Very thoughtful post, Julie. :)Merry Christmas in the Country. Just clicking over to say I hope you have a lovely holiday and it's nice to meet you online!Best,Emily Gracewww.beefandsweettea.com


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