10th Anniversary & Zac Brown Band

Now did you really think I would let our anniversary celebration just be added to the 10 dates in 2013?  Really? How long have you been reading my blog?  Come on, you know me, a gushy romantic and love to share the “happy’s” in life!

We celebrated by attending a Zac Brown Band concert!

First let me say how AWESOME Zac Brown Band is in concert!  Then let me add that my husband is even MORE AWESOME because he bought the tickets, and he isn’t a real huge fan of country music.  Yep, I know it’s a shocker, if you get into my husband’s pickup, you will hear the radio station as T95.  You know, hard rock/old rock is his choice of music forever and always.  BUT he is very gracious to allow me the majority of the time to blare whatever it is I am in the mood for.  Country, christian, rock, blues, etc.  The man is a sweetheart in this area. (Thank you Milton!)

You can probably tell from the photos in our blog and if you know us personally you know my husband isn’t real expressive.  Here we are, imagine us sitting at the concert, Me: singing, moving with the music and my sweet husband is sitting next to me, and if I’m lucky tapping his fingers slightly.  He wasn’t having a horrible time at all, it’s just who he is. I respect that.  

In fact, I like to think me being happy equals him being happy right?  Oh so I thought….. Zac Brown starts playing Never Never land by Metallica and I look over and the man has a HUGE grin on his face! His fingers are tapping and his foot is going at it too! It’s amazing to me how when the next song came on, he quickly resumed his previous expression! I did take a picture of him while they sang the Metallica’s song for proof, but I won’t post it, he wouldn’t allow it.  🙂

Zac & I !  🙂 LOL 

To be honest, I really wanted to take a big trip for our 10th anniversary just us two, somewhere warm and relaxing.  We decided the trip will include a few of the kiddos and will occur later this year when we travel to California  to see our middle daughter.

But this “little trip” to see Zac Brown Band perform, it was pretty amazing! I love music, I love spending time with my favorite man, and both those occurred in one evening!  It’s all good. And as a bonus, they sang “Sweet Emotion” which happens to be by one of my other favorite groups Aerosmith.  So it’s all good! 🙂

We did enjoy dinner before the concert at Granite City, courtesy of our children, they had given us gift cards for Christmas.  And I am not sure what it is about Milton & I and donuts, but it seems alot of our dates include donuts.  After the show, we were on our way home, no eating contest occurred, but we both ate some on the way home! 🙂  I WILL remove his title someday soon for eating them the quickest! If you are interested in this story, check it out here!

All I know is, this 10 year anniversary is one that is special and I feel quite fortunate to have Milton as my husband.  Thanks honey for taking me to an AWESOME concert even though they weren’t a rock band!  (But I think they rocked great just the same!)

Thanks for stopping by!

By they way have you treated that special someone in your life to a date lately?  


Photo by PV, I think she has some talent here! 🙂
10th Anniversary!

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