The Chirp Chronicles – Cleaning The Coop

This afternoon we spent part of  it cleaning up and repairing the chicken coop.  
The chirps have finally grown big enough that they no longer stayed in the 
little “pen” we made out of boards inside the chicken coop.  

They were ready to “spread their wings” I guess!   🙂

I’m going to be honest here, I don’t think they are very cute at this stage. Now
Paige on the other hand, she thinks they are still adorable!

The bedding and chicken manure needed to be cleaned out and removed.  
You can see here that PV did her share of the work. 
Honestly, this was not a photo op!

Then we laid new bedding all over the floor for the 11 chirps! 
 One of them did lose it’s life to the local farm dog.  
PV took it well and it was a learning experience for her.  

During the time we spent in the coop today, PV said with alot of excited and more than once how BIG their tailfeathers have gotten.   Check them out!

The roof had to have some minor work done on it, so it wouldn’t leak.  Yesterday Milton did remove a tree that was beside the coop.  It had a limb laying on the roof, and I will have a post about the tree in the near future! It had an interesting addition to it!

We hung the feeder so the bedding/manure might stay out of the feeder better and set the water on a cement block for the same reason for now.  We filled our feeder completely full today and put the last of our 40 lb. bag of feed we bought when we purchased the chickens.  

The rest of the afternoon was spent planting flowers and some garden items.  Milton and PV checked the wheat once again today.  It was a lovely Sunday I do believe!

I hope you have a great week!  Thanks for stopping by!


This weekend was filled with…….
We played with little girls.

Who chased bubbles
 made a fort
 giggled giggled giggled
played house in a playhouse,
went down the slide
road bikes in the sunshine
created lovely artwork,
and made our hearts swell with love!

While little ones played the adults,
watched with sweet smiles on their faces,
took a walk in the early morn,
cut down a tree,
planted flowers and garden items,
relaxed on the deck,
swung the little girls,
played ball with the little girls,
cooked food, and looked forward 
to the next time we get to spend together as a family!

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