Odd Addition to a Tree – If You Ask Me!

Milton did some work on the chicken coop this past weekend. One of the things he needed to do was cut a large limb off of the roof of it.  They decided to cut the tree completely down… well… to a certain point I would say.

When he went over to cut it down on Saturday, I had our grandaughter visiting, and it was super muddy in the area of the chicken coop.  So I stayed at the house and played with these two gals! 

He never mentioned anything to me about the tree when he returned home.  In fact, I don’t think he said anything at all about his tree cutting down experience.   The funny part comes when I make my way over to the chicken coop on Sunday.  I am outside it and walking around just minding my own business when I find this……

Wait… do you need to see another view to believe it?!

Yep!  A motorcycle with a tree grown into it!  Surely this is some type of artwork right?  Somewhere , someone in the world would find this as unique art?  They’d pay lots of money to come dig it up, and place it in their home!??

Back to the story and out of my dream world!

I started laughing to myself.  I said to my husband, that was within earshot,  how old is this motorcycle, and how long has it been in this spot to have a TREE grown into it!  He nonchalantly says, “a long time”.  I’m sure his brothers and him rode this motorcycle and Milton is the youngest at 46!

I just found it funny and interesting at the same time! If it was me, I would have come home that day & told him all about my exciting experience with the tree/motorcycle combo. I would have snapped a photo with my cell phone too!

But as I’ve mentioned before, Milton is nothing like me! 

The exciting news is…..I now
 have something new to show the visitors to the Chicken Coop!  Not only do they get to see poultry, but this amazingly odd motor/tree stump!


What’s the oddest thing  you have ever seen grown into a tree?  Please share!

Thanks for stopping by!

7 thoughts on “Odd Addition to a Tree – If You Ask Me!

  1. Darryl wants to know if the motorcycle is Kelly's old Honda…..or Yamaha? He is questioning himself which model Kelly had. That is a classic picture!!!!


  2. You're going to have to start charging. Will you offer year passes? That is awesome! I wonder what someone would pay for that on ebay. Never mind. It's one of a kind. You have to keep it!


  3. Heather, something can be arranged, I might even be persuaded to exchange a viewing for one of your daughters delish creations from the kitchen… persay…. pretzels???? 🙂 Just kidding, come on over! Yes I think we will keep it!


  4. You will need to charge to see that! I have seen trees that have grown into fences, but nothing like this.


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