Our Turn to Visit a Farm!

This past weekend was full of events for us.  One of our events entailed us traveling to a friend’s farm for the evening, along with another family.  This was our first visit to their home. 

On their farm, they have cattle, pigs, kitties, and a dog.  They have both a cow/calf operation and feeder cattle.  The pigs they recently got are for future use for show pigs for their two children.   So we were able to show PV another version of cattle operations that we do not have (cow/calf) and also the adorable pigs!

Here is where I want to insert that their son and our daughter are the same age, go to the same school, attend the same daycare and church.  I’ve decided that when these two minds get together, we may all be in trouble!
 (Actually, so far they are pretty innocent, but I must say, they did let the little pigs out of their pen to run free soon after we arrived!I’m sure the next go around it will be chickens???!)

I wanted to share with you some of the fun we had!  First let me introduce you to Zippy and Ms. Grumpy, the pigs!  Sorry the photo isn’ the best but I remembered to take a photo after it was dark!
 I only had my camera phone too!

I’m actually excited to see these little critters grow and watch their children learn to show them.  Milton & I have never participated in 4H or showed animals when we grew up.  From what I have been told by quite a few people, it really is a wonderful learning experience all around.  We are considering looking into it for PV!  Glad we have our friend’s the JFarmers to get advice from!
It was a calm evening and the temperature was lovely, it was the best night to be outdoors!  When we arrived, JFarmer was feeding the cattle.  I loved it.  You want to know why?  Because it took me back to a time in my childhood.  Hearing the sounds of the feedtruck, took  me back to the feedyard. You can read about that part of my life here or here.  So thanks Mr. JFarmer for having to feed your cattle before us! 🙂
Mrs. JFarmer introduced the kitties and the farm dog to us and took us on a tour of her lovely home.   We ate a delicious meal and had great conversation!  The best part came next (at least I think so)!

Now, the next photo that is in this post, might lead you to believe that all of us rode in the back of the pickup WHILE it was moving.  I’m not saying it did or didn’t.  
I will say the evening included but not limited to the following things!
A tour of pastures and pond, giggles from giddy children every time they felt a bump, awws when a calf was seen, mothers/brothers saying sit down, and a cow got out.  
I think the ONLY adult in this photo is smiling LARGER than ANY of those little kids!
She’s kinda a city girl, but we are working on making her a country girl! 🙂 If she keeps
visiting local farms, she will be one in NO time! 
Is this not the most pretty calf?  It’s Jfarmer’s little girls calf. Her cow had it.

This calf was born the day before.
A cow got out!

 In total there were 6 children at this gathering.  So in the background throughout the entire evening you could…….

 hear the sounds of giggles,
 ideas coming from one’s mouth, and another excitedly saying “YES!”, 
music played by “the band”, 
sticks to be broken by manly boys,
spilled milk once, and loudness all around!

Can I just say


Drum Girls! Their outfits even kinda match! That was not planned either!

The manager of the band is not in the photo, but we will get him next time.
So far this band is not for hire , they still need more practice!
We will keep you posted!
The evening ended with us adults visiting around a fire on the calm lovely evening. Connecting with people is a wonderful experience, being able to learn new things while doing it, that’s EVEN better!
I’ve decided that JFarmer’s is the place to be!  
Why you ask? 
Here’s a short list!

Large yard to play in with a playset and rock pile to boot!
Livestock to watch and play with!

Great food!

Drum set in the shed, not the house!

Outdoor fire and beautiful weather!

Tours of the pastures and giggles galore!

Memories and Lessons provided to children free of charge!
Until our next sunset, if you know a local farmer or cattleman, ask if you can come visit!
I think they will love to share their time, knowledge, and fun at their farm!
Thanks for stopping by!

PS: I can’t wait to go back to JFarmer’s! Can you tell??? 🙂

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