Joys to Remember- Family

Joys from the weekend that I didn’t want to forget!  It was a wonderful feeling to hug my California Kid  & her hubby when they showed up at my office on Friday afternoon.  It was also bittersweet when I hugged her at the airport to say goodbye.  I miss this kid.  I like where our relationship has come to be.  I look forward to a time they live closer and we can have lots of family gatherings with ALL my children’s families.  

ES, she missed her aunt ALOT!  
Aunt Kassidy was the one she wanted to hold her!
Cuteness all around I do believe!

Although this daughter lives in Kansas, 
between her work schedule, 
life with a little one,
 and our schedules we don’t get to see her as much as I’d like either!
It was wonderful to just visit with her and her family that night too!

They love it when Mom takes photos (NOT!)
But they humor me at times!

I am blessed!

Our weekend didn’t end quite like planned but we are glad for safe travels!
After dropping the kids off at the airport, we headed over to Kohls to do alittle shopping.
We were almost done, and I received an emergency text on my phone.

Tornado warning, take shelter.

In Kansas this isn’t a total surprise this time of year, but still not what one enjoys.
We ended up being in the back of the store for alittle over an hour 
with everyone else in the store! 
Funny thing is, I ran into a high school classmate, so we had an hour to catch up!
Luckily, Kassidy could text me, they were on the plane to leave, but it was brought back.
They waited in the basement of the airport while a tornado was near the airport.
Thank God for safety!  They might end up staying the night at their next stop/layover.
At the time of this writing, I am waiting to hear.
Praying for safe travels for them!

I hope all of you were safe and that your weekend was a wonderful one!
We feel truly blessed !

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