The Chirp Chronicles- Chicken Run Roof

This past week we started working on that chicken run roof.  We bought some chicken fencing and had to cut it to size.  The possums and coyotes think Chicken is tasty!  So on those evenings we fail to get over there before dark to put the Chirps away, we need a roof on the chicken run!

PV was right in on the action too!  

You know one of the things I love about her? The fact that it doesn’t matter, to her, that she has a skirt on and farming at the same time.  As long as she has her boots on, she’s all good.  She didn’t even complain about bending over or putting her bare knees on the ground while working.  Just goes to show, farm girls can be alittle girly too!

PV had to cut some too she thought.  Daddy patiently waited while she did some.  
There were grunts and muscles used to cut this wire!  🙂

My husband taught me something while working on the roof.  
Flattening the wire fencing, his years of working in construction comes in handy! 

Once the piece is cut off the roll, turn it over, and we put a board at the end to hold it down.  Then take a shovel and flatten the piece of wire.  Here is a photo of him completing this.

Now it lays flat! He did share with me the story of how he learned this, 
but I won’t go into that right now!

I just really liked this shot I got of the two of them.  So I’m sticking it in here!

After we cut three pieces it was getting late, so it isn’t finished yet.  We will keep you posted though!  We thought it would be fun to try and catch a chicken or two.  Since they are getting bigger, it hasn’t been as easy!  Daddy caught one or two, and then PV got to hold one.  I don’t think the Chirps particularly cared for it, but it was fun anyway!

Here they are SLOWLY and QUIETLY trying to sneak up on the Chirps! The Art of Catching Chickens! 🙂

Ta Da!  PV holding a Chirp!  

Ok! Time to go in Ladies! They do love their run, 
but they do pretty well for PV when she needs to put them in for the night!

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