Memorial Day Farm Work

We spent our Memorial Day checking fields as a family. 
 PV has now decided it is ok for her to literally steer the UTV/Mule while Dad runs the gas pedal!  
The intensity in this photo was not setup, it’s truly how she is when she drives! 
She’s one serious gal!  
Although I will say,  she really likes to go through the mudholes fast!  
So I don’t think we are in the clear when she actually starts driving!

We have several different types of crops currently growing.  We will begin planting milo in the near future, but not just yet.  Here are a few pictures I got while visiting the fields today!

Milton is checking the Alfalfa field.  
We normally have it swathed and put into bales.
Then we sell the bales.

This field is where we will plant Milo (grain sorghum).

We no-till so that is why the stocks from last season’s milo crop are still in the field.
We have to call the company we use to spray our fields tomorrow to schedule spraying.

The weeds are making an appearance.

It’s never too young to learn about farming.
There is always opportunity to teach and learn.

 For good measure I am throwing a couple photos of the chicken coop and chirps!
Milton finished the roof today too!
They are so cute aren’t they! They are filling out nicely!
Milton and PV has noticed they are starting to hop upon the boards inside the
coop to roost.  So they are starting to learn!

We hope your Memorial day holiday was a safe and good one!
We are thankful for all the men and women that have served for us to obtain
this thing we call freedom!
Thanks for stopping by!

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