Bright or Dim – Treasures Are We

One evening over the holiday weekend,
 I went for a walk right about the time it was getting dark.  
When I returned home, I wasn’t ready to go inside the house.  
This is kind of out of character for me, I am usually all about getting things completed, baths & bedtimes etc.  

Instead I stretched my tired legs and decided to literally lay on my concrete driveway.  I changed my music from workout music to the inspirational playlist, and gazed at the 

couple of stars that were making their appearance in the night sky.

I just let myself become engulfed in God’s word through music 
and enjoyed the stars begin to pop out one  by one.  
It led me think….

 those stars are like people.

Some of us are brighter personalities, while others are dimmer.  The dimmer are just as important as the bright ones, and they can sometimes provide more insight into answers than those bright ones.  
Both have their place in this world, both are treasures. 

One of my favorite songs was playing.  I thought it was kind of appropriate, it speaks of our Father’s return someday, and as the stars slowly came about, I could use imagery, and see the baptized rising in this manner.  One by one by one.  Of course I have no clue how or when it will be, but truly I am looking forward to a day of no more pain, being close to Him, and Satan being locked away.

Click to take a listen!
(excuse the ad at beginning)
One particular line has always stuck out to me since the first time  I heard it.
“I wanna see dry bones living again, Singing as one”
A chill is found within me. It’s a good thing.

I don’t have much more to say except this.

Treasure all the people you cross paths with whether they are bright or dim.
Know that God isn’t in the business of creating junk and you are valuable.
The Great I Am will return someday.

Thanks for allowing us to share our faith, family, and farm life.

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