My Latest Pinterest Search

I like free, I like pretty, and I like easy! One of the things I enjoy about Pinterest is all the things that encompass ALL of three of these!

In the past few months I have come to enjoy the Free Printables that pop up on Pinterest!  You can dress up file folders, organize your home finances, print a fun kid game, it’s endless!

I’ve even created a board on my Pinterest page just for Free Printables!
I just love the looks of a clean well put together label!  I especially like the ones that let you  TYPE on the free printable. Some do not and I don’t really care for my handwriting.  I just like that balanced look!
I wanted to share a few that I have downloaded to save for later use.  I hope you enjoy browsing and feel free to share.  Most of them are for personal use, so please follow the original creators request on this!

You can find my Pinterest board here.
All Types of Cards (Thank you, Birthday, Etc.)

Thanks & have a great day!

2 thoughts on “My Latest Pinterest Search

  1. Ok, let me admit something. I have NOT found Pinterest fun…..whatsoever! I was even a very early user of Pinterest, my niece got me hooked up with it 2 years ago. I recently gave it a second chance while looking up new recipes and again became frustrated with it. Found recipes I wanted to try but could not figure out how to find the directions on how to make it. I give up!!!!


  2. Carla, you are probably better for it! Just because it takes up alot of time that could be better used right?!:) I am not on there daily but I know people who are. I need to get active and work on doing more of my PINS. But it has been an inspiration to me! If you need help I'd be happy to give it! 🙂 It would give me a reason to spend some time with you! Which is always fun! Thanks for commenting!


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