Catching Up

Sometimes catching up is hard to do.  I haven’t blogged much recently or posted much on our Facebook page it seems.  This doesn’t mean the farmer isn’t farming and it doesn’t mean I’ve given up the blog.  It just means I haven’t had the time to sit down and complete a blog post or had anything “worthwhile” to tell you about! (I guess)

Have you missed us???  ( My selfish side is saying “I hope so!”)

So I am taking this post to catch you up on our little area of  the world!  

First the farm section!


Milton is very happy with the way the corn has made it through the “residue”.
The residue is the leftover stuff you see in the photos from the last harvested crop.
This is called no till farming.

Soybeans – June 2013

One of our Wheat fields. 
Farm Activities!
We needed soybeans that were left in the big drill taken to our smaller planter.
PV loves to be up there with her Dad, she calls this her “tree house”.
The reason we needed them is because Milton had to plant the small areas of the
soybeans fields that were too wet to plant when he originally planted.

Milton is filling a 5 gallon bucket to take to the other planter.
This is inside the seed container of our larger grain drill.

Then he dumps some into each seed container on the smaller planter.
Three generations – I love getting shots like this!
The Chirps, The Ladies, The Chickens!


I decided to throw this part in, because as I was walking this morning I thought
“people probably think I gave up exercising after my couple of posts here and here!”
Well I haven’t, I may not be working out as hard as I should be but I’m still trucking along.  
Here was my view this morning! 

 It kept me going and the sound of my old Jr. High coach in my head 
saying “no pain no gain”!
I have had trouble with my foot for the past year, 
I’ve decided it’s time to actually go to a doctor.  That’s later this month, 
I am hoping whatever the cure, doesn’t entail me giving up my 
walking or  elliptical machine! But we shall see!

I have to put this in here because.. well… I just wanna!
Out of 62 days I have exercised 45.  That’s pretty good for this gal!
(imagine me doing a happy dance about now!)

Home Projects

My fabulous hubby has been working (alot) on this! My craft closet!
It’s not quite finished, but I wanted to show off his talents, I couldn’t wait!
I will be writing a post on it when the entire room is completed!


Shout out to these fine ladies! I got to spend an evening with them!
Girls Night Out really do rock! 🙂
I am blessed.


This week PV was lucky to attend Vacation bible school at our church.
First, I want to THANK YOU all the people that volunteer their time and a full week of evenings to share God’s Word with the little ones.  You are ALL wonderful folk and our kids are very lucky to be so blessed with each of you!

The best part for last!


We took these three crazy gals to the circus!  They LOVED it!
I’ve decided 5 is the best age to expose kids to the circus.  PV was very vocal with excitement!
ES liked it too, but once the lights went down, hers was more of the “in awe expression”!
These two beauties got to play this past weekend!
It was fabulous to watch and listen to them!
The weeks ahead will be filled with many things.  Tball games, swimming lessons, wheat harvest, milo planting, family birthdays, house cleaning, vacation planning, bible reading, grocery shopping, outdoor playing, meal planning, bibles studies, church committee meetings, lawns to mow, jam making and much more.  

But I know, no matter how busy we are, family is the best source of joy.  
Take a moment and hug, send a text, say a kind word, be thankful, kiss your honey,
 and play with the ones in your life.  Time goes so quickly.

Thank you for allowing us to share our farm, family, and faith!

Julie & Milton 

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