Walking in the Darkness

Conversation- Daughter, Grandaughter, & I

ES: “Grandma I’m scared” (running to me)
 Me: “ES you are ok, nothing to be scared of I’m here, 
PV is here, and God is always with you.” 
PV without hesitation: 
“Even though you walk in the darkest valley
 God would be with you ES.”

 I had to share that conversation for this post to make sense. I did not realize when that conversation occurred that it would end up in one of my blog posts. 
But I’m glad something that started from the “mouth of babes”
led me to where I needed to be on this very morning. God uses all types doesn’t he?

As I woke this morning, I felt much better than I had the day before,
 that Monday had been hard!
  I decided, although it was  quite dark out, I would venture out  for a walk. 
I’m glad I did.
See, normally I do not venture out onto the dirt road when it’s still dark,
in fear of snakes, skunks, and other varmints! 
But today, I felt I was being pushed to do just that.
 I felt I needed to clear my head of weighing thoughts and unnecessary feelings. 
It was interesting to me that I chose to go to the east verses the west, normally
 I always go to the west on my country walks. 
But today there was a beautiful hue peaking over the trees in the far off horizon.
 So it teased at my mind and tugged at my heart to venture that way.
I wanted to see more. 
I wanted to enjoy the stillness of life in the rural area.
 I wanted to get closer to that sunrise.

 It was like I needed to go into the darkness towards the light.

 As I walked towards it, I could feel the anxiety and thoughts dwindle and shift from my body.  I could feel a small smile come across my face, and ease in my veins.
Much to my surprise, in the darkness, I didn’t seem too concerned about those varmints.  As I was finishing up I realized the connection between the conversation above and my walk. 
That even though in life we sometimes have to walk into the darkness,
 you are never alone.  
Today I was lucky, I felt extremely close to God.
 I didn’t want my walk to end, I didn’t want to have to watch the clock t
o be responsible and get my family up for the day,
or prepare myself in time  for work.

I wanted to stay there. 
Wrapped in what felt like God hugging me, stripping me of the tension and confusion.

I looked up and the view was divine. 
As if he was telling me, “you can do this Julie, keep going.”
There is a new sunrise with each day, and it’s perhaps easy to see GOD there.
But we need to remember he is always present with us.

There is a new beginning on my horizon in the near future.
 God was present this morning,
 He also will be present when I take that first step into that darkness.

I will probably need a reminder of this blogpost when that time comes.
Feel free to remind me my friends!

On the way to work, this new song( to me) came on the radio.
Coincidence?  I think not!


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