Father’s Day Post

I didn’t plan to do a Father’s day post, usually if you follow blogs on holidays like this they are packed with them.  But I decided I would join in.  I wanted to do alittle dedication to several “fathers” I have known.  So here goes.

My Dad.

We are similar in many of aspects, I feel proud of that fact. 
There hasn’t been alot of time together in our lifetime, but he loves me there is no doubt about it. I cherish  what I have received. 
 He chose to help create me and that is reason enough to be thankful. 
And….. he gives THE BEST hugs ever. 
 He never lets go first, I just wish they were more often!
This picture was taken in 2009. He was taking treatment for Cancer.
I think the man has more than 9 lives!

My StepDad.
Bob has since passed from this life.  He brought me security when I didn’t think it was available.  He brought my mother much happiness and that makes me happy.  He was quiet and loved his dog Pepper dearly.  I’m thankful for his love for my mother and the opportunities he provided for our family when I was home and thereafter.
Before I list anymore “fathers” in my life, I wanted to give a shout out to my two older kid’s father.  I didn’t place a picture of him, instead I’m sharing one of our beauties! I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for choosing to be a Dad so young, for loving our girls the best you could, and for having the respect and courage to co-parent with me even after our divorce. We always put the girls first, and that is what mattered, no matter how difficult that may have been for each of us. I am thankful for that we did it together!

My Brother.
This is one of my favorite pictures of him.  He’s my big brother.  I love the guy, even though the guy had me traded for a horse when he realized I was a girl (note I have two sisters!), so I kinda understand!  
He has always been good at discipline as a father.  
I think that takes courage.

My Husband.
I could go on and on and about how great a Dad he is. But I won’t do that.  
Instead I will point out a few great details.  
Milton is a fine example of human existence for his daughter.  
He teaches her things and gets down and plays with her.
Milton is an EXCELLENT example for men in life for her! 
 I’m glad I have him to co-parent not only PV but our other two daughters as well. 
 He is a good man with Christian values.  
I am thankful for this.

My Father – GOD.
I don’t have a photo of this one, but he is truly the most important one.  He created me and chose to give me life. He chose to place me where I am today and shelters me even when I didn’t know he existed.  My life would not be complete without this Father.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers, step in dads, friends, 
and mentors that have aided in this area of life.
God bless you all!

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