Evening Views & Irrigation Repair

Some evenings are spent around the dinner table together, some are spent playing in the yard, some are spent watching tball games for our family, some are spent doing farmwork,  or reading a book while little ones swim.  
This last one is how PV and I spent one evening until Milton got home. 
He was finishing up planting milo until about 7:00pm.

It’s amazing to me that a tired looking, dirty, and somewhat worn man can be walking across our yard and as soon as he hears his little girl yell  “Daddy”, his face lights up. 

Makes my heart warm, how about yours?

I didn’t have a picture of Milton’s face, so I’m sharing hers from this evening! 🙂

This evening Milton’s brother stopped to visit, 
we ate sandwiches on our back deck,
 and then headed to check on the chickens and see Grandma. 

The ladies are doing well and they really enjoy 
when PV pulls the grass and feeds it to them.

It wasn’t long and RV came searching for Milton for assistance, 
we had irrigation issues!
PV & I decided to tag along to assist in the situation!
The irrigation center pivot had some wiring 
 come loose in one of the electrical boxes. 


PV jumped out of the mule to “measure the wheat heads.”  
I laughed thinking to myself, you don’t hear little kids say that on a daily basis. 

She was anxious to tell her Dad, but I told her to wait until he was done.   
He was up high as you can tell, we didn’t want his 
attention anywhere but where it needed to be!

She did eventually get to show him.

Then she was off to check the corn for bugs.  
Grandpa decided to take a gander too!

It’s not often I get a view from the backside of our home.
It basically sits in a field!
I’m glad I went along for the ride tonight!

Sometimes living on a farm, one of the best things are the views.
Of course here at our blog, we truly love and appreciate the sunsets.
Sometimes, they just stop you in  your tracks.

Thanks for stopping by!

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