Waiting Wheat or Waiting Farmer?

It is June 19, 2013 and wheat harvest has begun in our county.  Not in full speed but as we drove to our daughter’s Tball game this evening there was 
evidence of some local farmers “trying it out”.

My farmer announced this afternoon that he may “try it out” tomorrow, 
but first they need to finish up some work on their combine.  
They have to make a parts run and then work on it.  
Of course, weather is still a huge factor as always.

Milton did go to a few fields today to take a gander.  
He took a wheat head, got some kernels, and crush them in his hand.  
The results varied, some were soft and others were pretty hard, closer to harvest.

When it comes time to harvest the wheat they will test the moisture.  
This is a key factor in determining if it is ready to cut.  
We like to see our moisture in the area of 12, but you can store wheat at 13 or 14.
The majority of our wheat is stored in grain bins on our farm.
Then hauled to the elevator later, perhaps even several months later.
Some of our wheat is laying down from the heavy rains recently.  
That will be more difficult to cut, but we will give it our best shot!  
We also have wheat that looks good and still standing!

When wheat harvest begins it brings many things.
Long days.
Dinners on tailgates.
Late nights
Pride filled moments of growing and harvesting your crop.
Repairs to be done.  (hope not) 
Combine rides for young and old.
What we would call “high traffic” on the country roads for a couple weeks.
Memories made and lessons taught.
The sound of dryer bins running in my backyard.
Photos to be taken, a blog post or two to write.
Dirty and exhausted farmers at the end of the day.
Mommy reading all the bedtime stories for a couple weeks.
Family working side by side and lucky I get to document it.
Wheat will be harvested.

Wheat harvest is started with lots of adrenaline.  

It ends with exhaustion and……

pride for completing another crop rotation.
pride for helping feed the world.
pride to know that you are continuing a legacy.

From our Family Farm to yours!
Thanks for stopping by!
Julie & Milton

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