Wheat Harvest 2013 – Day 1

June 2o, 2013   5:20 p.m

That’s when the first cut of wheat was!  
Combine was running as I pulled up with our little gal PV to ride with Daddy!  
We have a tradition, annual photo with the combine!  
Check them out! 
2008 – 2013

Since it’s getting late, I will just post pictures!  🙂

Discussions on whether to proceed or not….

More discussion on events!

Alittle cozy, quality family time!  I am thinking this might be the last year we ALL 
3 fit together in the cab of the combine !  😦

Thanks for stopping by!  
We will have more photos I am sure in the next few days!
Happy Wheat Harvest all!
Free combine rides available if you are in the area!

Julie & Milton

3 thoughts on “Wheat Harvest 2013 – Day 1

  1. GREAT PICS!!!! We are still several days out, but yes harvesting ANYTHING is always an exciting time! My farmer, who just walked in the door, checked out all your pics thoroughly. He enjoyed as well!


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