Blog Backseat & New Adventures!

I just wanted to give our followers a heads up that our blog will be pretty lean in the area of posts for a couple months.  I will probably do a few more in July, but come August you might think we disappeared.

Here’s why…….

Julie writes the blog posts.  Julie is going on a new adventure…… into the land of insurance sales training!  Yes this adventure has already begun for her, as you may have noticed from my recent posts on our Facebook page status.  Studying, more studying, and even more studying!  My brain might melt!  

You are probably thinking… you are already in insurance why do you need more?  I have been in the insurance business as an office manager/sales associate for almost 18 years.  But now… .I was given an opportunity to become an agent in the office I work in. This requires me to through the company sales training course and obtain a couple more licenses to better serve my clients.  Once the training is complete and I “graduate” I can be actually called an agent.  

With the support of my husband and many friends I’m going to JUMP RIGHT IN! It will be completely different, yet bits of the same for me.  

So, unless I can get Milton to write blog posts and teach him how to use Blogger, you will have to hold on till September! 

Honestly, you will have to hold on! 

Don’t leave, we’d hate for you to leave!  We love our followers! 

So the blog will be taking a backseat for now.  I’m sure Milton will post a few pictures on our Facebook page, so if you are on Facebook, go on over and like us if you haven’t!  I will miss writing here at In Between The Sunsets of Life, it’s pretty fun! But I promise to be back!  Just let me get my new career off the ground!

Thanks for stopping by and for your support!

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