Things that brought me joy!

The last couple weeks have been rough ones for me,
 but I am not focusing on that!  
I am going to focus on the JOYS!  
So how about you join me?  
What has brought you joy recently?

I will start with this little gal!  She allowed me to take a “lovely” photo of her, then she said “take a silly one Mom”.  She gets this from her middle sister,
 SERIOUSLY! But either way, they both brought me joy!

The fact that my husband is willing to give up a day to support me and my career.  To spend time with me doing things he isn’t really interested in without grumbling about it.  

Making and eating these.  I have missed my kitchen.
I love them. It’s a future blog post.

Pretending this morning the hairbrush was a microphone
 (no not my 5 yr old’s idea but mine) and singing OVERCOMER with her!

Because these two children of God, oh just look,  who need words!
Just sweetness all around!

Listening to our daughter, 
(you know, the watermelon smiley face above)
sing with two wonderful ladies of our church!
(impromptu I might add)

Getting to start packing for our trip to see our California kid and hubby!

Forgetting the worries of life and just being present.
Present in laughter, fellowship, friendship, competition of sorts, 
and raising funds to aide those in the path of the Oklahoma tornadoes.
I absolutely LOVED this part of the past couple weeks.
Best part, no doubt!

Hearing the congregation giggle in worship as they listened to our daughter 
interact with our Pastor at children’s moment.

Obviously I don’t have alot of photos for my joys this week, 
but to be honest, I don’t mind.
I have the picture and the emotion in my mind.
I can recall it anytime! (or come read this post! 🙂

Take a moment to look back on the past couple weeks.
Take a moment to smile, to just relish in the joys that be!

Thanks for stopping by!


4 thoughts on “Things that brought me joy!

  1. Holly!Hello & Welcome!The one did not make it from the photo here, but we had another that was stuck in the cattle fence this morning but she is doing great! 🙂 Thanks!


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