Vacation California Style 2013

We recently made a trip to see our California kids!  Of course I had to share some photos from the trip & document our vacation! 🙂 We had a wonderful time with these two! The weather was lovely!  
The traffic wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and the ocean was beautiful!
 It was PV’s first time to see and play in the ocean!
The time we spent with them was so good and I am glad we made this our family vacation destination.   We headed to the beach,  San Deigo Safari Park,  Sequoia National Park, and just enjoyed time together.
 We also got to meet our grand-dogs, Tank and Kyra.

I had a hard time choosing which photos to use and so the post wasn’t super long, 
I put them in collages. 
 I like them better seperate but it takes a LONG time to 
compress and put the blog name on each one! 
So here you go! I hope you enjoy~!
The Safari Park!
Sequoia National Park!
My favorite part of Sequoia National Park.
Crescent Meadow
We walked ALL the way around it. Beautiful!
Of course we went to the beach a couple times!
Note- Picture of MV’s eye, black eye! 
He was boogie boarding.. a wave got the better of him and he hit the ocean floor!
But he LOVED it, don’t let him kid ya!  
He went right back in & was smiling from ear to ear!
Just some family shots I love!
On this trip PV met a new best friend, Tank. He’s the dog in the photo right above here.
She loved him, seriously… sissy needs to move back to Kansas soon! 🙂
I saw pieces of me in my daughter I had not before.
  Quality time and new experiences were enjoyed.

I would recommend all the things we did.  On the National Park, pay the extra and stay in the lodges up there.  We did not and the drive was long to get to where you wanted each day.  Also plan on a few days there, maybe 3 total I would think.  The beach was fabulous, the one on base was cleaner because they remove all the debris, rocks, etc.  But it was fun to go to Oceanside beach to collect seashells and rocks.

We ate out on the pier one night too, and was able to see Dolphins in the ocean. The weather was lovely.
Oh yea!  We of course found a cupcake shop!
They had won on the show The Cupcake Wars! 🙂 
We also ate at the restaurant that the movie TOP GUN (1985) was filmed at.
Kansas City Barbque!
Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Vacation California Style 2013

  1. Oooo, I LOVED Top Gun when I was in high school/college. That was before Tom Cruise went a little wacky. Great pics from a lovely vacation!-You've lost that lovin' feeling, baby that lovin' feeling, now it's gone….You're singing now too huh?Glad to have you home!


  2. Who didn't love Top Gun! 🙂 The food was fabulous too! If you are ever go to San Diego, or just near the airport, do go! Delish!And yes, I am not singing that song and will be probably for days Heather! 🙂


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