Opportunities with Unkindness

This past week, I had the opportunity to be put in a position where I felt like a wounded child that had just gotten called a “not so nice” name by another child on the playground.  I’m sure you can all comprehend how I must have been feeling, wounded and alittle in shock by the words that flowed from another’s mouth.

When someone says something to you like this, whether in a joking manner or not, 
it hurts. I didn’t really respond much at the time, because I do believe in the moment my mouth would open, tears that were streaming on the inside would be showing on the outside. Yes I’m female and yes I’m sensitive, but there was no way I was going to allow myself to give way to crying!   I went through the stages, you know, hurt, anger, etc.  By the way, eventually this hurt turned into motivation (in a positive way, not negative I promise!)

Anyway, you are probably wondering why I called this an opportunity in my first paragraph, verses an assault!  Well, working through the process, I realized it was an opportunity because although the person stated to me how it “sucks to be you”,  I know in my heart that isn’t true.

I know for a fact it DOESN’T suck to be me. 

I will just name a few reasons why….

  • I have a beautiful family
  • A house to live in
  • Good health
  • Friends galore
  • Love and support of many people
  • Food to eat
  • Opportunities to grow

The list could go on but the one that came to the forefront of my mind the next morning after doing my bible study was……..I’ve got Jesus.  I’ve got a home and the love of Jesus, and someday I will sit with him, and this pain of today will be banished.  It won’t even matter.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.” Remember that saying?  Little children on the playground once again comes to mind.  I don’t agree with this saying, I think words do harm people (sometimes).  (And of course I have been one to be the speaker, I’m far from innocent.)

One of the interesting things was, on the same day, my 5 year old daughter had stated she had a bad day.  Why?  Because some boys at daycare had called her names, and wouldn’t stop and she didn’t like it. Although only a few hours earlier a similar incident occurred to me,  and I was still upset , I did what any mother would do!

I placed my feelings aside, and discussed with her about her day.  I didn’t spend the next few minutes bashing humankind and teaching my 5 year old how the world is against us.  I thought it out,  discussed with her why it probably occurred, asked her how she felt, and how to handle it in the future.  I also told her that sometimes, little boys say things like that because in reality, they like her! 🙂 She gave me a funny look.  My child, in the future, might be the one being unkind, I hope not, but I do live in reality.  Lucky for her, she can ask for forgiveness, as can I.

I should have thought of Jesus’ love at the moment I was upset, but I didn’t.  I am a sinner by human nature.  But I am feeling good now because honestly, normally something like this would have thrown me into a tailspin for a good week! Although small steps, I will take them.  If it creates me to be a better and kinder and stronger human, I will take a million tiny steps verses one large one. I will take the unkind words and become stronger.

I hope this aides, in helping us all remember to be kind to one another, that our words can be a joyous thing or a hurtful thing, an uplifting or a degrading experience.  

Life brings lots interactions, be sure to scatter kindness where you can!

Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to express the daily blessings in life!

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