You Know Your A Farm Kid When……

You put on your boots with whatever you happen to be wearing for the day! 

You play in fields of corn!

Learn to drive when you are 5 1/2 years old………

I am so proud of her! 
And no I did not have her pose for the first photo, that is how she was!
I love this little gal!
Our Saturday morning was spent picking up irrigation pipe as a family.
After my weeks of being in front of a computer and clients a majority of the time,
being outside and with my family was the best gift of this Saturday morning!

I am so thankful I was able to capture some farm shots for you!


When we were done we headed home and chilled on the playhouse front porch!
The chickens now roam all over the place, and they decided they needed to
join the family fun as well!

This one she was cackling forever!
I don’t know why but she kept coming back to tell me something.
I don’t speak cackling so I still do not know what that was! 🙂
Milton thought Rosy Gladys would like swinging!
Silly Daddy!

But my favorite shot of the day was this one!
Blessed are these two, and I for being a witness of their relationship!
I hope your weekend is a lovely one!
Thanks for stopping by!

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