Update on Chickens & PV

I had a few minutes this Friday morning and thought I’d play alittle catchup on the blog! 

This week…..

This gal finally got a name.  It’s PV’s chicken that will allow us to pet and hold her and she lingers around PV when we are in her midst. Are you ready ….. drumroll please!  


PV chose Rosy out of all the names, she decided to give Gladys as a middle name.
I was impressed with her figuring this out on her own too!
We usually find one or two eggs each evening, they must go back in
and lay them after we let them loose for the day! The eggs are slowly getting
 larger. They love being free from the coop that is for sure!
This week PV began Kindergarten!  So far she likes the bus ride!
We might revisit that in about a week or two!
 Last year she loved the bus ride, but it was a lot shorter!
Positive of this, it means Mom & Dad don’t have to pay a daycare bill anymore!
HAPPY DANCE! I’m sure some of you can relate!
She also gets to spend quality time with Dad doing farm work, so she will
know the farming life when she grows up. 
I’m almost completed with my training, but will be away from home again next week.
Life is somewhat of a blur right now, but I’m continually praying for the transition to
be one for the better for my family.  Thanks to all of you who have supported me and our family!
Until next time!
Thanks for stopping by!

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