Chickens & Corn Farm Update!

Well it’s September and I still haven’t had much time to blog, 
I apologize but I think it may be sometime before I get to regularly blog.  
Here’s a small update on our farm!
This past week Milton realized that we had a chicken that was laying eggs
 not in the coop but instead in the tall grass next to the coop!  
They found 11 eggs in the grass! 
 He noticed one of the ladies going over there and he got to investigating.  
So now we have lots of eggs! 
 I think we may need to start selling or giving them away.  
We eat alot of eggs, but we a stockpile now!
Milton started corn harvest this evening. 
 PV tagged along since Mommy had an appointment!  
PV helped Daddy drive the combine.  
Being a Kindergartner by day and Farmer by night is hard work! 
She fell asleep while driving the combine!
Our lives are in transition right now.
Sometimes transitions are hard, 
I’m fortunate to have a supportive husband, good friends, and a loving family. 
With these things and faith in God, I know that I am blessed now and forever!
I hope you are having a wonderful week!

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