The Success of An Occupation

In any occupation there are certain things that must be done to be successful.  For example, in the occupation of a farmer the following may apply.

  • Understanding the crops , when they are to be planted, germinate & need to be harvested.
  • Continuing to educate oneself on the newest information while holding fast to the knowledge of the past.
  • Ability to work long hours during certain  periods.
  • Can’t be afraid to get dirty and sweaty or get chilled to the bone while working in the snow or sleet.

These are just a few things that aide in creating a successful farmer.  I could go on but my destination isn’t about farming today.  It’s about my career choice.  My occupation.

Most of you know that my occupation changed recently and I am now an insurance agent.  The company I work for is a multi-line organization that has been around for many years.  Switching from being an office staff member to an insurance agent has encompassed many things.  I’ve learned SO much in a short period of time I feel like my brain may burst! 🙂

I wanted to talk about success in regards to my occupation.  I’m a person that success isn’t based on the amount of money that I bring home in my paycheck.  Am I on 100% commission – Yes.  Is it scary when I think about it – Yes.  Do I need to support my family- Yes. Also, if I do not reach the expectation set forth by my company I will be unemployed. 

But I am honest when I say that my abilities play a prominent role in how I feel about the success in my career.

To be a success in my career takes the following:

  • Honesty.
  • Educating others.
  • Customer service.
  • Collecting accurate data.
  • Continuing to have activity. (Example: 20 opening appts per month).
  • Providing a solution to the problem that my client may have.
  • Calling on new prospects and marketing.
  • Time management and delegation to staff members.
  • Asking for help and doing joint work with other agents.
  • Taking time for myself and family.
  • Learning that when someone says no, they aren’t saying it forever, it’s a deferred yes!
  • Learning when someone says no, don’t take it personally.
  • Ask for referrals, referrals, referrals!
  • God. Put my armor on from HIM daily.
  • Place a reminder of God,  in my view.  (As of this week, there is a bright beautiful blue ESV bible next to my computer).

This isn’t everything but I think it’s a good base.  Mastering these things will create in me successful abilities that will then in turn create a successful career.

Some of these things are easy for me, others are extremely hard.  Hard to the point I wonder some days if I made an error in this career choice.  But then there are days when I have provided coverage for what is most important to a person, and I know this is where God wants me to be.  Days when I love talking about the products and what they can do for someone, and I hear them say “thank you for this eye opening experience.”

I’m only a couple weeks in, and I will be honest.  It’s hard and this transition for my family and myself has us struggling some days.  I’m fortunate because I do have a husband that is supportive and doesn’t mind that he has taken over primary care for our daughter and the home.  Eventually we will not be in a transition, and a new routine will feel “normal.” 

From time to time, I will probably write about insurance because I do like to educate about it.  I do like to talk about it, I mean I’ve spent 18 years in the industry, that’s probably evidence enough. I hope you don’t mind this being added to our little blog! 

I’d like to ask for participation here.  What is it that  you find helps you to be successful in your career?  What small (or large) bit of knowledge could you share with me to aide me for success?  Perhaps you just have a suggestion.  I’d like to learn – from you- the followers of In Between the Sunsets of Life.

So comment here or on our Facebook page or email me privately.  I encourage the interaction!

Thanks for stopping by!

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