Examples, Growing Pains, and Witnesses

This post was written on different days.  The beginning was 10/06/13.

I had the pleasure of being the parent that got to put our daughter to bed tonight. I was lucky enough to read her a story, complete our devotion, and say prayers with her.  With my new job, I’ve come to realize that in the past years this was something I didn’t treasure enough.

I love to read with her, but she usually preferred to have Daddy put her to bed, and most nights I was fine with it.  Now, I find myself sneaking back into her bedroom, before I find my way to my bed, to just watch her sleep.  I whisper the sweet things that I know she can’t hear, and I thank God with each setting of the moon for choosing me to be her Mommy. I miss her, but know that she is in good hands when I miss a good night story.

I think this Mommy is having growing pains.  Allowing herself and her 5 year old to grow is sometimes hard.  It’s hard to be the one to step back and allow your child to head into uncharted waters.  My instinct is usually to reel them back in with my protective motherly hand.  Kind of like when they are in the front seat next to you, and you are driving and must step on the brakes promptly.  Your right hand automatically goes out and protects them from falling into the dash board!  (No she doesn’t ride in the front seat, but I recall this occurring with my other children!)

The point is during even our growing pains, we are still examples.  We are still witnesses to other’s growing pains.

Sometimes we are the person that is the witness, and sometimes we are the person being witnessed. 

Today we witnessed a baptism.  A newborn infant becoming a child of God.  I also watched my 5 year old stand in the aisle to see the action up front.  She has witnessed a couple other baptisms, and so it wasn’t new to her. 

In addition to the baptism, she witnessed, her father and I take communion.  As we stand at the alter, I usually see her look up to us, as we take the body and blood of Christ.  I get a warm spot in my heart knowing this is an example I definitely want to be to her.  I see some curiosity in her eyes, and although she may not encompass all that it means, she is learning.  She is taking it all in, and for now that is enough. 

From this point this post was written today 10/13/13.

Today she witnessed another baptism.  As she watched from the far back of the sanctuary I heard her say “it’s so cute”.  I asked her, “what is cute?” She looked at me and stated ( in a tone which reflected I should have already known what was cute) “the baptism”.  Then she went back to watching.

Yes, it was cute.  It was lovely, and I’m glad we were witnesses to it. Her perception of things is a reminder to me almost daily of things I have forgotten or tucked away in the busyness of this adult life. Such as innocence of children, giggling is sweetness to the ears, and being able to draw a star is pretty cool in itself!

I am lucky to be the witness sometimes. I am also an example at the same time.  I am not always the best example for her.  Even today I was not, this I know.  One thing is true though.  I will love her and my other children always.  I will continue to pray for each of them, I will continue to strive to be a good example to them, and I hope they know how much they each mean to me.

Whether you are witnessing or being an example, be mindful.  I need a reminder of this sometimes.  To be mindful of the fact that I am an example to many, I am witness to beautiful things daily, and that I am lucky in both circumstances.

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