Ramblings of our Weekend

This weekend was spent with family fun, a stroll down memory lane, and church committee work.  It’s now Sunday at 4:30 pm and I am blogging verses doing various other things that really should be taking priority.  

You know, things like, laundry, ironing, quotes for work, floors to vacuum, a vehicle that is longing for some TLC, and the list goes on.  But here I am, with you.  I feel like I’ve been neglecting things that seem to bring me such joy.  My kitchen, our blog, probably family somewhat too. 

Do you ever find yourself putting off the things that you enjoy the most?  I hope I’m not the only one this happens to!

Yesterday brought much joy to me.  I got to spend most of a day with my daughter and her family.  We had lunch and then headed to the pumpkin patch.  Watching her play with my grandaughter brought warmth to my heart.  PV and ES riding the train and picking out their pumpkins, and Mr. N (Tashley’s boyfriend) make his daughter smile from ear to ear.  All of this and more brought me joy.  I’m blessed.  

I don’t have any photos of the stroll down memory lane, but you can read about the place here.
The best part about the stroll down memory lane is that PV got to see where I lived when I was her age. As we approached the feed lot, I told her to look out her window. 
 She did and her words were ” wow, awesome”.
This kid, I do believe, might just be the next “cow whisperer”.  It’s just amazing to me how she has no fear about going up to one and just hanging out, but things I wouldn’t think fearful she does find fearful!
I’m glad we were able to show her where I lived when I was 5.
Today we had our Mission Festival at church, I am currently serving on the Board of Missions.
We were fortunate enough to have our District President and his wife to visit the congregation. 
She spoke on the Lutheran Malaria Initiative.  
You can find more information on it by clicking here.

This one net can save so many lives!

This weekend was a very happy time for me.
Serving my family.
Serving my congregation.
Serving the Lord.

I hope you have found happiness in your weekend.
May it continue into the week ahead.

God Bless You!

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