Pig, Problems, & Positives!

I decided I was going to just sit down immediately 
and document ( for the family section of this blog) recent happenings.  
Before time got away from me or my memory fails me!

Pig –

PV was Peppa Pig for Halloween.  
In my conversations with several people in the past month I think
 only one person knew who Peppa Pig was!  
So for those of you that don’t know who Peppa Pig is, you can click on this link.  
Or here’s my description, a cute little girl pig with a french or maybe it’s english accent!  
Yep I’m not kidding!
That’ s how my little Kansas farmgirl rolls!
Costume made by Big Sister KVH and Grandma F.
Inexpensive and cute.
Just how Momma likes it!

Oh let’s just skip these, you don’t really want to know them anyway!
Let’s get back to the good stuff!
It’s Thursday! 
So that means Library for PV at school!
We discussed on the way to school that she should 
get a book this time that she could help read but
 she said it had to be about animals! 
I told her that is ok and to ask the Librarian to help her find one!
PV came home with a book about Foals.

One of the things I have always loved as a Mother, 
was listening and watching my children learn to read.  
It’s amazing to me that one day we don’t know how to read a word.
Then the next you know one, two, or maybe three words!

Listening to her read tonight was the best part of my day! 🙂
Then we worked on Sight words.
I am thankful for the teacher and those that help in the classroom!
I’m very proud of my little gal!

Another positive was listening to PV tell me how she
 helped with the sick calf.
Then she also told me about another calf.
The one named Susie, white face, black calf.
She’s naming the cattle… oh no!

Ok! One more positive.
The problems were brewing inside my head at the first of the week.
By Wednesday I had the blessings of people aiding me.
So a problem turned into a positive.
I love when that happens!

I hope you found Joy in your day! 
Our life is quite blessed and sometimes I forget to be thankful.
Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Thanks for stopping by!

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