Messy Masterpieces

Honestly, I haven’t felt myself in awhile. I feel like I’m the confetti inside a box, 
and someone opened that box, and tossed me up in the air. 
 All the pieces landing all over, every which way! 
 You can imagine they are scrambling to find
 one another and get back together in their cozy togetherness.  

Well this morning, for just a while, they were there. 
It felt so nice.  

I need to back up a moment. I have a friend that writes a blog, she is currently pregnant, and she blogged about apples and her dreams.
 I have decided that God used her to bring me to making apple donuts.  
Why you ask, well check out her blog post and she also likes donuts. 

I was dusting the house and in my huge pile of magazines there was one that was 50 things to make with apples.  I’m not a huge apple fan, but I decided while dusting I’d glance through it. I mean it is fall!  I found a simple recipe for apple donuts. 
I scanned the ingredients and we had them all.  Poof apple donuts! 
My family gets a (unhealthy) but homemade breakfast so all is good.  
Well…….not so much. 

Now before you look at the photo, remember it’s not nice to judge!  🙂 

Yes the donuts are to be nice and round and beautiful.  These didn’t turn out that way.  Some are still not completely done inside, and others are too done.  If you know me personally you are now thinking, “Julie had a meltdown on this feat no doubt”.  


As I was cooking I felt so much peace and joy it didn’t matter the end result.  This is very unlike me. (Perfectionist mindset)  I just decided that the act of cooking brought so much joy, I didn’t care this looks like a greasy mess of glob.

To me it looks like a Masterpiece!  

Because it brought some happiness and calmness within my soul that I have not felt in awhile. Yes, tears were alittle present, tears of joy.

The little pieces of confetti are warmly snuggled inside and my heart is full of joy.  I’m not sure how long they will hang together but I’m relishing in the moments they exist.

I’m not sure what path God has for me.  I’m not sure where I will land on this earth.  I did realize something this morning. 

Joy comes in all kinds of forms.  Even messy masterpieces.  So stop and just look, and allow yourself to feel.  Feel the good.  

I hope you have much joy today, and here’s the recipe! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

Cider Donuts
Simmer 1 cup apple cider until reduced to 1/4 cup; cool. MIx with 1/2 cup grated peeled apple, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1 egg, 1/4 teaspoon each nutmeg and vanilla, and 2 cups dry pancake mix. Rol into 1 inch balls and deep fry in 375 degree oil.  Drain on papertowels and roll in cinnamon sugar.

4 thoughts on “Messy Masterpieces

  1. My preschoolers were painting yesterday. They were supposed to be just mixing colors to find a specific end result. One of the children went completely rogue, and after he had done a little mixing, drug paint off all colors all over his paper. His mom looked at me almost apologetically, but I loved it because he was having so much fun. How can you deny the joy in creating just because the outcome is not as expected?Combine one that's overdone with one that's underdone=perfection!Enjoy your day dear friend!


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