Kindness Pies!

Today marks the 2nd annual Acts of Kindness (in a jar) that PV
and I participated in with our dear friends the “M’s”.
  If you want to see what we did last year, just click this link!
Honestly, we are alittle behind this year in getting this done!  
We definitely want to continue earlier in November!  
Today the weather is frigid, and only 28 degrees!
But the girls are troopers and we got the job accomplished!

We chose to make Apple Pie in a Jar to distribute!
We decided to use the recipe from Glorious Treats !

I’m very proud  of all the girls.  They were great!

There was organization by the girls all by themselves, upon each arrival to a new home.

“I get to ring the door bell.”
“I get to talk.”
“I get to hold the jars.”

That was the chatter, from the back of the van!


The girls were great help in the kitchen!
They all participated!
Chopping apples.
Stirring the yumminess and apples.
Cutting the crust.
Toppings galore.

The time we spend together was wonderful.
Friends are always a blessing, and we fortunate to be able to call the “M’s” friends!
Teaching the girls about quality time doing simple things and sharing kindness is important 
to both myself and the other mother.  This is just one way to accomplish it.
I hope your day brings you kindness in some form!
May your day be blessed!

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