Christmas in the Country

I was pretty excited when I got up this morning and checked my email messages!

Here is why!

Recently I signed up to participate in……

Two fabulous bloggers created a Christmas swamp among bloggers 
that advocate for agriculture.  
It’s very cool and I am so glad I was able to join in!
Although it doesn’t seem I’ve had time or much to write about the farm,
 it’s still in my heart daily!

What I am asking from you, my dear readers, is to help me figure out what prize 
to send my new Christmas Ag Friend!  
It’s a secret, so I can’t tell you about her yet!
That will come in January!

I’d like the gift to represent me and our family and then I will include something I think she will enjoy.  I will figure this out after checking out her blog!

My request from you!
From reading my blog, 
what do you think would be something that would
represent us as a farm family?

I want to send something local as well, 
what is your favorite “local” gift or locally made business/product?
I’d like to send several small items, it is going to someone outside Kansas!
So how can I represent the great state of Kansas?

Share your ideas and in advance, thanks for your help!

Have a super great day!

5 thoughts on “Christmas in the Country

  1. This a wonderful idea Julie! What a great way to share yourself with your new Christmas in the Country Friend. And I love that you are going to also give things from your great state of Kansas! When I think of your family I think first off of the peeps and PV. I know the chickens are all grown up, but that is what I think of first. Second I think of how close knit you all are and what a wonderful story you and your husband have. A love story for the books! So send a hand knitted chicken?? 🙂


  2. Thanks so much for joining up! I'm not from Kansas, and I need to do a little more investigative work on my person as well, but I think I'm planning on sending a locally made candle and some homemade goods as well! There's a shop in the next town over that carries all Missouri made products, so I need to go check them out as well! Good luck and I can't wait to see what you come up with!


  3. I mailed my gift off today, well one part. The other part is being directly shipped to her! I hope she likes it all! Our favorite Kansas made stuff! Knackies bbq sauce, DBee's Honey (thanks for donation it D&C), and my homemade jam. The second part is a book from the Rusted Chain (Kansas business). Sunflowers and Sweet tea! 🙂


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