Cookbooks as Gifts!

I recently posted on our Facebook page that I received 3 cookbooks over the holidays.  I’m pretty excited as I love to read cookbooks, and of course make new recipes! The poor entertaining kitchen has lacked in the past months, I think it’s actually missing me! haha

The first one is “The Amish Cooks Baking Book”.  My oldest daughter gave it to me for Christmas.  I’ve read about half of it and I have always been interested and envious of the Amish way of life.  The simplicity of it.  The recipes are pretty basic but look delish!  I am considering committing myself to one new item from this cookbook per month this year.  It’s still out for debate, as you can tell from this post how my life currently is gearing up for more commitment elsewhere! 

The second cookbook is one that I actually WON over the holidays!  The Gathering Friends  “A Year of Holidays At Home”.  I have already finished going through it and it has some absolutely beautiful table settings.  If only I had an endless amount of money and time I’d throw gatherings for all to come and enjoy!  (Wasn’t it me that just wrote I am envious of the Amish lifestyle?  Now you see the struggle that lies in me between my mind and heart!! 🙂

The third cookbook was a gift but I was able to pick it out myself.  I had received a gift card for my birthday and after reviewing a few cookbooks I chose “The Smitten Kitchen” by Deb Perelman.  She has a blog as well, but her cookbook reviews were really good and I’ve started following her blog.  You can find it here.

I almost ordered this cookbook, I’m still considering it   I’d like to go to a bookstore and peruse through it first though!  

I use Pinterest and blogs alot as well, but there is just something about reading through a cookbook.  It brings me calmness and excitement at the same time, to dream of creating some wonderful food to share with others.  

If I have my way, you will see some blog posts from each of these cookbooks in the future!  We have our annual couples gathering here in February, so I need to begin planning it!  Perhaps something from these cookbooks will be created!

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