Why He Does It

This morning, as I sat in the somewhat quiet moments before anyone was awake in our home,  I looked up to see out the window an 85 year old man backing the feed wagon up to the silage pit.  Although there was a brisk wind, and it was still only 40 degrees out, he then proceeded to unhitch the feed wagon from the tractor.  Climb back into the tractor and fill the feed wagon with silage. Then he will get back out of the tractor and re-hitch the feed wagon.
And do it again tonight and tomorrow and the next day, twice a day.
To feed the 200 head of livestock. 
Whether it’s 40, 65, or 0 degrees out, 
this man is still doing this every morning and evening. 
Alot of people, including myself at times, will think or say 
“why is this 85 year old man still farming”? 
(In my mind this is what I heard.)
Because it makes him happy.
Isn’t that what is important?
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