It was a lovely day out today for January.  
The sun was shining, it was jacket weather, and so the Chirps were free to roam the farm yard.  
Our ladies enjoy wondering around, and they enjoy hanging out with the cattle.
Unfortunately tonight when PV and Milton 
went over to collect eggs and put the chickens away in the coop they found this.
PV’s words were “This isn’t going to be good”!
Yes that is a chicken stuck in the mud manure of a cattle pen!
See how PV and Grandpa are in the background!
(smart people)
Even the cattle are steering clear!
Yep, Milton got dirty to save the chicken!
All is well and they washed the little lady off and put her in the coop!
That’s about it for the excitement at our farm today!
What exciting thing happened to you today??? 
Care to share!
Thanks for stopping by!

Our chicks are treated like royalty! 🙂
This one that was stuck in the mud got a
trip to the “garage spa” to get cleaned up !
Photographs by 5 year old! 🙂

Warm water bath and blow dry! 
Gotta love my husband for doing this!

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